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Imagination Made Real

At Digital Cowboy, I use the power of Photo Manipulation to help you tap into the Magic and Wonder of your imagination to transform your fantasies into reality. Your photos are transformed into Digital Art Photography masterpieces using the best image editing techniques. Whether it’s wielding Valyrian steel or playing on clouds with fairies, my passion is creating memorable and provocative imagery for you.

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Digital Composites

From the Prehistoric Past to the Fantastic Future; from Earth to the farthest reaches of the Galaxy, showcase your boundless imagination and beautiful creative spark. Working with you, I create eye-catching photos using computer-generated environments, brushes, effects and dynamic imagery to power dramatic visual narratives.

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Digital Portraits

Since the 1800s, Portraiture has been used as the highest expression of human individuality and uniqueness. Guided by a modern and contemporary approach, I utilize high-resolution photographs, high-quality Photoshop brushes, complex textures and layer styles combined with elegant art direction to give birth to provocative digital portraits.

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Digital Paintings

Starting with collaborative photography direction, I create Digital Paintings that display atmospheric landscapes and illustrate compelling dramatic scenes. Exploring classic, modern and postmodern painting styles, colors are moderately saturated, tonality is selectively tweaked and additional Photoshop composition is used to fluidly create exhilarating scenes with natural symmetry.

Uniquely Inspired

Compelling works of art inspired by your unique awesomeness, bold imagination and soul


Digitally crafted dramatic imagery, effects and lighting to bring your treasured stories to life

HD Quality

Each work of art is generated at the highest quality for all visual media from digital to canvas


Looking to Commission Digital Artwork?

I am committed to providing high quality work and a unique, memorable and customized digital art photography experience. I aim to deliver uniquely inspired creative works tailored to your personality and artistic sensibilities.