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About DC

Who is

Digital Cowboy?

I have often been asked why that Picasso quote is my favorite. To me, the answer seems obvious. We are all so busy and occupied with important things that drive our days, weeks, months. Art allows us to suspend day to day reality and dive into the world of imagination and possibility.

My love for storytelling using images began when at the age of six, a dear Uncle of mine shared his copy of a Spider-man comic which featured his first fight with Sandman. I was completely hooked. I read that copy over and over again, marveling at the story and equally enamored with the illustrations. I began copying what I saw on a scratch piece of paper and my Uncle took notice. He was an established artist on a college scholarship so basically he was a rockstar to me. Seeing him take a double take at what I drew made my mind light up. Underneath his tutelage, my skills grew and my lifelong passion for visual storytelling began.

A dedicated fanboy envious of the great DC & Marvel Comics artists, I developed my drawing skills all through grade school and into college. The skill of drawing followed me into image editing programs like Photoshop & CorelDRAW and I found new ways to expand the borders of my broad imagination. I picked up a few other skills along the way, particularly learning how to use video and photography to tell stories. This morphed into my passion for filmmaking and then I started to sharpen my skills and craft. This steadily evolved and gave birth to a whole new artistic pursuit: Digital Art.

For over a decade I have built my skills across many different digital mediums. From graphic design, to web and then into photo manipulation I have been exposed to all workflows, processes and photo enhancement methods that I use today to build worlds, create memorable characters and craft stimulating visual narratives. I bring this lifelong passion into every project that clients commission with me and I am only satisfied with delivery awe-inspiring images. Basically, I strive for that same look of wonder and amazement from you that I got from my Uncle all those years ago. I want to embark on a digital journey of discovery with you and help you use your imagination to create your very own digital reality.

William Noelle

Digital Art Expertise

  • Concept Generation
  • Detailed Compositing
  • Brush Techniques
  • Color Blending
  • Textures
  • Adjustments & Layer Masks
  • Dodge & Burn Techniques
  • Transform & Warp Techniques
  • Color Combustion
  • Image Rendering

Photography Expertise

  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Attention to Detail
  • Composition
  • Art Direction
  • Lighting & Exposure
  • Green Screen Photography
  • Color Adjustments
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Retouching

Why You Should Work With Me


10+ years of Image Editing & Photography experience. Seasoned professional skills delivering creative work.


High emotional intelligence and committed to delivering superior customer service and support.


Providing high quality work and extremely detailed oriented. Established process workflow to ensure quality assurance.


Uniquely inspired creative work tailored to your personality and artistic sensibilities. Originality will NEVER be compromised.

A Little More About Me...

My experiences, passions, favorite places etc etc