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Digital Portraits

Digital Portraits

Provocative portraits illuminating human individuality & uniqueness

We currently live in the Age of the Selfie, however our species have been expressing our individuality through pictorial form for eons. As a result, the artistic methods we have sought to celebrate our individuality have evolved into the art of portraiture. Portraits expose our personality and emotions and can capture the best version of ourselves with flattering lights and shadows. Astonishingly, our faces can paint the stories of our history and our future.

I start with the basic tenets of Portrait photography and what makes it one the most popular art forms - my interaction with you! Your uniqueness drives the story, so to create a living art piece, we explore the different themes that constitute your life story. The objective is to enhance your best traits, express your true nature through poses and postures that can be transformed digitally through eight of our most dynamic digital art photography categories. Historically significant portraits receive Vintage treatments while Sketch photo treatments transform you literally into a work of art - which is where we start from in the first place.

Choose From 8 Different Categories

Double Exposure

Superimposing your photo with another to create a dynamic single image imbued with dramatic intent.


Photos are converted into energetic sketched pencil drawings utilizing straight and diagonal lines for additional effect.

Pop Art

Transform your photos to Pop art styles inspired by Andy Warhol or commercial artifacts of mass-media and mass-culture.


Cyberpunk, electromagnetic dreams and other futurist thematic elements are utilized to create dynamic portraits.


Travel back in time with portraits stylized to capture the essence and glamour of the past.


Your photo is fused with descriptive and artistic text to personify your spirit in a thousand words.


Convert your photos into dark, dramatic cinematic scenes as a Femme Fatale or Hardboiled Detective from the 1940s era films.


Surrealistic elements and layers are blended with realistic imagery to create engaging and dynamic portraits unlike any other.

Visually Visceral

The ultimate goal is to create a Digital Portrait that is the truest visual expression of who you are and tells your story on your own terms.

Tell Your Own Story

In Your Vision. On Your Terms.